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Water Damage Restoration

Whether facing a sprinkler burst, major water line breaks, or flooding from various sources, property damage is never expected and can be an overwhelming challenge that must be dealt with immediately. Rebuilders is here to help, offering a comprehensive framework tailored for property owners like you including cleaning, repair, and replacement. Rest assured, the water restoration specialists at Rebuilders Commercial Restoration are here to help you navigate the aftermath to restore your property back to normal.

What should I expect after a water disaster?

Rapid On-Site Response

1. Rapid On-Site Response

Upon receiving your distress call, our team will arrive within 4 hours to assess and document damages for insurance claims.

Specialized Water Mitigation

2. Specialized Water Mitigation

Once on site, we’ll quickly remove standing water and excess moisture to prevent mold growth and additional structural harm.

Mold Prevention & Cleaning

3. Mold Prevention & Cleaning

Rebuilders employs a detailed mold prevention plan with a plant-based antimicrobial solution, and HEPA filtration air scrubbers to enhance air quality and eliminate mold spores.

Dehumidification & Drying

4. Dehumidification & Drying

A combination of air movers and commercial heaters removes excess moisture to mitigate long-term risks like mold growth, structural decay, and compromised safety.

Seamless Communication & Claim

5. Seamless Communication & Claim

We keep communication constant, providing progress updates, assisting with your insurance claims, and managing necessary documentation to ensure a seamless and transparent experience.

Get Back to Business

6. Get Back to Business

We promptly assess repairs, submit detailed scopes of work to insurance, and begin repairs within 14 days of approval. Most repairs are typically completed within 30 days.

Protect Your Property

Protect Your Property

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    Multi-Family Properties
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    Medical Facilities
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    Educational Institutions
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    Office Buildings
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    Retail Stores
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    Industrial Facilities

Did you know?

Even if you can't see visible damage, water has a knack for stealthily infiltrating structures. Lingering moisture, even after what seems like effective drying, can lead to hidden issues like mold growth, structural decay, and compromised safety. That’s why prompt and professional water damage mitigation is crucial to ensuring the long-term health and integrity of your property. The sooner we act, the better.
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