Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

Weather can be unpredictable, causing sudden and severe damage to your property, leaving its safety and security compromised. In the aftermath of storms, whether from damaging winds like hurricanes, tornadoes, strong winds, rains, hail, or arctic blasts, your property might be left in disarray and further exposed to the elements. When natural disasters disrupt your business, just give us a call – Rebuilders Commercial Restoration is here to help you navigate the journey to recovery and get you Back to Business™.

What should I expect after a storm disaster?

Rapid On-Site Response

1. Rapid On-Site Response

Upon receiving your distress call, our team will arrive within 4 hours to assess and document damages for insurance claims.

Emergency Cleanup & Temporary Repairs

2. Emergency Cleanup & Temporary Repairs

We remove debris and water, making necessary repairs to secure the property, including tarping roofs and boarding up windows.

Comprehensive Restoration Plan

3. Comprehensive Restoration Plan

A detailed restoration plan is developed to outline necessary repairs, estimate timelines, and project costs, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

Restoration & Reconstruction

4. Restoration & Reconstruction

From minor roof repairs to extensive reconstruction, we handle every aspect of restoration. This includes structural, electrical, plumbing, and cosmetic repairs to restore your property.

Seamless Communication & Claim

5. Seamless Communication & Claim

We keep communication constant, providing progress updates, assisting with your insurance claims, and managing necessary documentation to ensure a seamless and transparent experience.

Get Back to Business

6. Get Back to Business

We promptly assess repairs, submit detailed scopes of work to insurance, and begin repairs within 14 days of approval. Most repairs are typically completed within 30 days.

Protect Your Property

Protect Your Property

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