Fire Disaster Restoration

Fire Disaster Restoration

Fires, whether due to electrical malfunctions, kitchen mishaps, or unexpected natural events, can leave your property in disarray. At Rebuilders, we understand the overwhelming impact of fire disasters on property owners. With our on-site response within 4 hours, an expert mitigation crew, and comprehensive restoration and reconstruction services, we are here to guide you through the chaos, ensuring a seamless return to business. If the unexpected strikes, just give us a call – we'll help you rebuild with confidence.

What should I expect after a fire disaster?

Rapid On-Site Response

1. Rapid On-Site Response

Upon receiving your distress call, our team will arrive within 4 hours to assess and document damages for insurance claims.

Assess Structural Integrity

2. Assess Structural Integrity

Before cleanup and repairs, we prioritize safety by conducting a thorough inspection to ensure the property's structural integrity.

Specialized Water Mitigation

3. Specialized Water Mitigation

We quickly remove standing water and excess moisture to prevent mold growth and structural harm, as well as provide emergency cleaning of high-value items to prevent corrosion.

Soot & Smoke Residue Removal

4. Soot & Smoke Residue Removal

Clean soot and smoke residues, including deodorization techniques such as ozone treatment, to preserve and restore as much as possible and eliminate lingering smoke odors.

Cleanup & Demolition

5. Cleanup & Demolition

Debris and irreparably damaged building materials, including drywall, trim, flooring, and insulation, are cleared to provide a clean slate for the restoration process.

Comprehensive Repairs

6. Comprehensive Repairs

We promptly assess repairs, submit detailed scopes of work to insurance, and begin repairs within 14 days of approval. Most repairs are typically completed within 30 days.

Did you know?

Fire damage incidents generally involve water mitigation from extinguishing the fire. It's crucial to swiftly extract water, clean, and prevent mold as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your property. Even after the flames are out, prompt and comprehensive restoration efforts are essential for minimizing long-term consequences and ensuring a safe and healthy environment.
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